Bernhard Gerardts

Puchstrasse 85
8020 Graz, Austria

+43 (0)316 292840-47

The main features of IP-Solar

  • IP-Solar analyzes the available measuring data of a solar plant. Also heat storage circuit, auxiliary heating, hot water generation etc. are analyzed!
  • IP-Solar monitors the facility operation in an automated and ongoing way. System failures are detected in detail (e.g. 'heat exchanger of hot water generation is calcified')
  • IP-Solar sends an automatic notification to the plant operator (SMS, Email). This allows maintenance activities to be planned in advance.
  • IP-Solar offers an online platform with customizable interface for visualizing measuring data, key figures and other results.
  • The web-based approach provides an easy-to-use and maintenance-free software.

A comprehensive monitoring soluation

IP-Solar is a fully automatic monitoring solution which contributes


  • to the quality assurance of a solar installation
  • to the reliability of the plant operation
  • to higher solar energy yields

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