Bernhard Gerardts

Puchstrasse 85
8020 Graz, Austria

+43 (0)316 292840-47

The idea...

The monitoring of solar plants should...


  • work permanently and fully automated
  • calculate standardized key figures
  • detect system failures and malfunctions as quickly and as precisely as possible
  • be as cost efficient as possible
  • offer optimal support to service and maintenance activities
  • not only analyze the solar circuit, but all system parts that are relevant for the solar plant
  • adapt to the available measurement equipment

What are the impacts detected late or undetected at all?

  • unnecessarily reduced energy losses
  • reduced economic peformance, especially for ESCo (contracting) projects
  • repairs become more expensive
  • angry customers
  • consequential damages due to delayed repair of a failure
  • increased CO2 emissions, unnecessary use of fossil fuels

What was the primary motivation to start the project IP-Solar?

  • At the moment, the time spent for ongoing monitoring of solar plants by expert staff is unacceptably high. IP-Solar will minimize this time and effort: the diagnostics run in the background, remaining quiet as long as the plant operation shows no problems. In the case a fault occurs, this malfunction can be fixed more quickly based on the detailed information provided about the failure.
  • Higher energy yields due to quicker response to a detected problem
  • IP-Solar improves the economic perfomance of energy service models

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Financial support

This project is supported by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and is carried out as part of the “Energy of the Future” programme. Project number: 815747